Miêu tả ngôi nhà mơ ước tương lai bằng tiếng Anh

Bạn vẫn thường mơ ước về một ngôi nhà với đầy đủ tiện nghi và những thứ mình yêu thích, sau những ngày làm việc có thể cùng cả gia đình thư giãn và nghỉ ngơi thì thật sự là điều ai cũng mong ước. Để có thể nói về ước mơ của mình cũng như Miêu tả ngôi nhà mơ ước tương lai bằng tiếng Anh các bạn hãy cùng tham khảo một số những bài viết dưới đây để việc miêu tả trở nên đơn giản và dễ dàng hơn nhé.

Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo một số đoạn văn Miêu tả ngôi nhà mơ ước tương lai bằng tiếng Anh dưới đây để có thể ứng dụng cho quá trình học tập cũng như dễ dàng nói lên ước mơ của mình. Qua đây vốn từ ngữ của các bạn chắc chắn cũng được nâng lên rõ rệt nhé.

mieu ta ngoi nha mo uoc tuong lai bang tieng anh

Miêu tả ngôi nhà mơ ước tương lai bằng tiếng Anh

Bài Miêu tả ngôi nhà mơ ước tương lai bằng tiếng Anh số 1

We all as humans dream fancy about our houses. So, there are some who want all the luxuries in their house while some prefer living close to nature. I want my house to be a mimic of nature. So, I want a small waterfall in my house wherein I can take bath and then I want my house to have lot of flowers and be surrounded by trees. So, that in the evening when I wish to sit down, I should feel calm and serene from inside.

Then I want my house to have a library as well. Library of the books that I have already read, so it will be more like a collection of books that I love and could offer others to read and in the library there will be my study table and in one corner will be the place where I could look out of window and see the entire nature at its best and have something to drink or relax. There will be part of my house, where I will allow anyone to come in and sleep over and have food just for free. Because, I want people to travel and travel with entire safety. With nothing to worry I want them to explore this beautiful world.

Also, in my house I wish to have a beautiful field wherein I could go for jogging or play some games. I don't wish for the most expensive house in the world but I wish for the house that is the most special for me.

Bài Miêu tả ngôi nhà mơ ước tương lai bằng tiếng Anh số 2

My dream home would be very warm. It would have a milkshake maker, smoothie maker, ice cream maker, and a snow cone maker. It would have ten big and amazing floors. One of the rooms would be a puppy room with cute little puppies and they would all be girls. The room next to it would be a movie theater and it can give you an arm massage and back massage. Plus, there would be a mall with kids everything toys clothes shoes everything you can think of that a kid would like. On the 9th floor there would be a mini Disney World with a replica Cinderella Castle. Some of the characters would be a the mini Disney World as well. Oh yeah I forgot! There would be an amusement park with roller coasters and so much more. Even with little kid rides. Next to it would be an waterpark. With millions of waterslides and so many water activities. Then there would be a massage bed for my friends. family, and my teachers, Mrs Votta, Mrs. Nugent, and my third grade teacher from last year Ms. Amato. They could design their room however they want and guess what?! They can come whenever they want. I hope everybody loves kittens and cats because there would be a giant kitten room and cat room. I hope my dream house will get built so that way me, my friends, my teachers, and most of all my family can come and enjoy it with me!

Bài Miêu tả ngôi nhà mơ ước tương lai bằng tiếng Anh số 3

It will be a great joy or happiness for everyone if we can own a house designed by ourselves. A house in my dream is not necessarily a large house, as long as it fits my style and character. A house located on the outskirts of town will be very suitable for me to enjoy a serene life. It will be a two- storey house facing west-south side. Moreover, my house can not be lack of a large garden surrounded by thousands of different colors of flowers and fruits. I like it the most when having a breakfast or enjoying night views in my own garden. Simplicity is beauty, this explains why I would prefer an airy space rather than a well- equipped house. However, the house should have basic necessities in the kitchen and bathroom to serve all my demands in daily life. In addition, I will use bright color tones for the whole house, especially my bedroom to make it more spacious. My bedroom will be more perfect and ideal if it has a balcony where i could smell the fragrance from the garden as well as enjoy the sound of the birds in the morning. Besides, I also have an intention of having a small garage and storage. In conclusion, nothing but a suitable house for my lifestyles will fulfill my future dream

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